WoottWinds is a passion project dedicated towards cataloguing video game music books. Inspired by the various series, composers, and arrangers behind each title, I’ve spent the last twenty-something years of my life tracking down and digitally restoring / preserving these books in order to showcase the many that exist and go largely uncelebrated.

On this site you’ll find a list of every game-related music book I’ve discovered, front and back covers of the ones I own, song lists in both English and Japanese, general publishing information, ISBNs, and links to the various sources where they can be purchased (when available). While the sheet music for books currently in publication obviously can’t be shared for legal and copyright reasons, I’ve tried to provide as much detail as possible in order to make them easier to obtain – and am actively researching options for the older books.

Learning to play and create music is an awesomely powerful thing. I’m hoping that, beyond providing a visual and informational catalog, this project will make gamers want to pick up an instrument or help music teachers better connect with and get their students excited. After everything both gaming and music have given me, this is my attempt to encourage people towards the arts while building a community that fosters positivity.

Feel free to reach out using the Contact page, or get in touch on your social media platform of choice – greetings, thoughts, general feedback, letting me know about errors, and/or constructive criticism are always welcomed. Patreon support, social media follows, shares, and mentions are not in any way expected or required, but, nevertheless…these things are hugely appreciated if you’re able. I want to continue building on this for as many years as possible, even a few kind words can go a very long way!

All the best,

Huge thanks to my partners and friends over the many years it’s taken me to put this together. Not only for dealing with me constantly talking about video games, music, books, and every combination of the three there is…but, for being the unwavering source of motivation, love, support, and encouragement that you all are.

To my brother and uncle – 100% to blame for my introduction to gaming, thank you for helping shape and guide just about every new obsession I’ve had in this wonderful world. Among many other things, I’m fortunate you both have the very fine taste in things that you do.

To my dad and mom – thank you for the love and care you’ve provided throughout my entire life, for supporting my interests no matter how weird or unknown they may have been to you both, for helping me find, buy, and scan so many of the books that started this entire project, and for instilling in me a sense of respect towards history and preservation.

To my website guru, Edgar – without a moment’s hesitation you offered to help bring this project to life, knowing far better than most just how ridiculously particular and finicky I can get about things. I literally couldn’t have done this without you, you’ve helped make my tiny little life-long dream come true, and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation.

Phase 1 – launch v1.0 of the WoottWinds.net website with around 20~50 piano books.

Phase 2 – continue adding piano books and cleaning up related information, begin blogging and social media process.

Phase 3 – begin researching, collecting, scanning, and integrating game music books beyond piano (strings, brass, small ensemble, band scores, etc.) onto the website.

Phase 4 – expanded Patreon, begin a YouTube channel to create high-quality recordings of each book, commission professional localizers to help with the site’s content accuracy.

Phase 5 – form a game music book cult, commission friends to arrange books for titles that have never seen any form of official sheet music release, open an instrument repair / music shop / arcade…etc etc…